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Liturgix: Eastern Orthodox & Catholic
Christian Liturgical Vestments and Church Supplies!

Fabulous Collection of Ecclesiastical/ Liturgical Vestments and Clergy Clothing

Bishop, Priest and Deacon Sets of Vestments
In this category you may find brand new Eastern Orthodox Liturgical Vestures (Greek or Russian style). SETS OF BISHOP, PRIEST, DEACON & SUBDEACON VESTMENTS are the distinctive garments worn by the clergy in the liturgy and the other church ceremonies. Our Set of Priest Vestments consist of the phelonion (chasuble), sticharion (alb), epitrachelion (stole), zone (belt-like cincture), cuffs (epimanika), and epigonation (palitsa).

In this category you may find STICHARIONS (plain design, with embroidered appliques or brocade band decorations). Sticharion (Gr. Stichar, Lat. Alb; Sl. Podriznik) is the long white undergarment of the clergy, with close sleeves, worn under the phelonion (chasuble) or the sakkos.

In this category you may find EPITRACHELIONS (Gr: "about the neck"; Stole One of the most important vestments hanging from the neck down to the feet. An Orthodox priest must wear this particular vestment to perform a sacrament. The epitrachelion signifies the double portion of grace bestowed on a priest, for the celebration of the Mysteries.

Under- and Outer-Cassocks
In this category you may find UNDER-CASSOCKS (Gr. Anteri, Rhason or Rason; Sl. Podrasnik or Podriasnik; Inner Cassock; Mantija) and OUTER-CASSOCKS (Gr. Exo-Rason or Exorasson; Sl. Ryassa or Riassa). Under- and outer cassocks are non-liturgical robes worn by Orthodox clergy both as ordinary daily clothing (their out-of-doors and domestic distinct attire) and underneath "liturgical robes" (vestments which are worn during church services).

Bishop Mitres
The MITER is a traditional, ceremonial head-dress for bishops in Eastern Orthodoxy. The crown is worn on the head during Divine Liturgy and represents Christ the King. The MITRE (Gr. Mitra) serves as an emblem of power bestowed upon a minister of the Church.

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Liturgical Supplies, Metalware & Accessories

Sacred Vessels
In this category you may find a multitude of CHALICE (Gr. Potirion; Sl. Vozduh; Communion Cup), DISKOS (Paten), STAR (Gr. "little stars" Sl. Zvezditsa, Asterisk), SPEAR (Lance, Lonche), SPOON, CHALICE SETS for Liturgy, ANOINTING STICK, ZEON and TRAY, PROSPHORA SEAL, LITYA SET, etc. These are sacred vessels used by bishops, priests and other clergy during Catholic/Orthodox Christian liturgy.

Vigil Lamps
In this category you may find a multitude of VIGIL LAMPS (standing and hanging). Hanging vigil lamp is used for illuminating your church and particularly icons in the church. Used for home devotion, standing vigil lamp is ideal for illuminating your home worship space and small displays of icons.

In this category you may find a multitude of CENSERS (Gr. Thymiato; Sl. Kadillo). Censer is a metal vessel hung on chains, used in church ceremonies for burning incense. Symbolic of incessant prayer burning incense repels evil spirits, unholy thoughts and impious cravings.

Chalice Veils, Covers and Hangings
In this category you may find Kalimata sets (two chalice veils and an aer), altar (Holy table) coverings, analogion covers, communion table covers and royal doors curtains.

In this category you may find Eastern Orthodox and Catholic CROSSES: unique brass and nickel-plated altar, blessing and pectoral crosses. The hand cross is used in blessing and preaching and symbolizes the bishop's office of teaching and sanctifying his flock. The pectoral cross is worn around the neck, over the clothing by bishops and priests as a reminder that they should not merely carry Christ in their hearts, but also confess Him in the face of all men.

If you couldn't find what you were looking for, check out our MISCELLANEOUS CHURCH SUPPLIES category. Here you will find more Liturgical items including tabernacle, single, double, & triple candlestick, consecration bowl, wedding crowns, epitaphios, holy communion cloth, baptismal box, bishop head coverings (skouphia, skufiya), priest head coverings in Russian/Greek style (kalymauki, kamilafki, kamalavki), klobuk, hat veil, dikirotrikera (set of dikiri & trikiri), portable communion set, priest jackets and shirts, animinsion, and much more...

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Exquisite Collection of Christian Icons

Hand-Painted Icons (Tempera on Wood)
In this category you may find Precious Orthodox HOLY ICONS handpainted on a massive wood frame using traditional materials and old techiques. All icons are are reproductions of original icons from the middle ages. You will receive a unique icon, which is handmade with utmost care and craftsmanship.

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